Reviving the traditional

methods of whisky making on Islay

Direct heating of the stills with a Live Flame

Oregon Pine wooden washbacks

Worm tub condensers

Slow distillation

Gartbreck will be a unique distillery on Islay in reviving the traditional methods of whisky making, with in particular the direct heating of its stills.

Jean Donnay, owner and designer of Glann ar Mor distillery (Kornog whisky) in Brittany, intends to start building the distillery during the first quarter of 2022 with a view to start production by beginning of 2023.

Situated on Loch Indaal on Islay Estates ground, just west of Bowmore and facing Bruichladdich and Port Charlotte across the loch, Gartbreck Distillery will produce a peated single malt whisky from its two direct heated copper pot stills.

It will also operate with worm tub condensers and wooden washbacks, being the only distillery on the isle to produce whisky in fully going back to the traditional methods.

The distillery which will produce initially 140.000 LPA/year, a capacity to be raised eventually to 210.000 LAP, will also have its own floor malting and kiln allowing it to produce about 20% of its needs in using exclusively barley grown on Islay.

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